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Wear Custom Made Dress Shirts According Occasion

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Dress shirts are not only about visible attribute. An excellent dress shirt could help its wearer in projecting an image of success. Fit and quality do matter for achieving a great look. And these two aspects are only attainable by quality fabric and proper positioning of significant features. Let us get closer to these aspects of a shirt.

Buttons: They are the most peculiar feature of a Shirt. Running from collar to the end of the length of shirt it makes a dress shirt a dress shirt. It opens in the front side of middle of shirt. Matching buttons with fabric add distinctive characteristic and make a shirt more appealing. Tailor made shirts have atleast seven buttons and some readymade shirts have eight buttons but use of seven buttons has been standardized. Some shirts even have buttons on cuffs and collars which in not essential.

Collars: Collars became part of shirts in twentieth century otherwise a shirt was worn without it. Shirt with a collar was considered fashionable in twentieth century which is now a key feature without which a shirt will not be considered completed. Some of the shirts have wide spread edges and some have narrow. There is another style of collars which cover the full neck area, even tie knot area too and are projected as highly formal collars. Some collars are button down means buttoned to shirts at shoulder.

Cuffs: the other feature of shirt is cuffs. These are the extra layer of fabric at the lower edge of sleeve and cover the wrists. They are basically divided so, are fastened together. Generally there are three types of cuffs. Button cuffs or barrel cuffs have button holes one side is fastened at other side. Link cuffs have buttons on both sides and are closed with cufflinks or silk knots. Convertible cuffs can be fastened with buttons or cufflinks.

Placket: it is the double layer strip of fabric which runs down in the middle of shirt where shirt is buttoned. Doubling of fabric is done to provide support and strength so that shirt can bear the stress of buttons or any other fastener. It is stitched so finely that often got unnoticeable or we can say they are stitched in a manner to minimize the variation although some variations do exist.

Pleats: it is not an important part of a shirt but still most of the shirts have them. It is the part where fabrics are folded back over itself. They are found just above the cuff, on the back side of fabric and seen less in formal wears.

Pockets: single pocket in left side of chest is common however some people wish to have pockets in their shirt and some not. It is personal choice of everyone but formal custom shirt often don’t have pockets. From time to time they come with button or cover flap or both.

Above given points are the introductions of various features that complete a dress shirt.For more information on custom made shirts and dress shirts we recommend toy to visit our website Custom-Dressing.Com.

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Online Apparel Custom Dress Shirts

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Weddings, corporate parties, formal get together and similar occasions are extensions of your life and career. Not only manners make a man; the dress also defines him. Dress does play a very important part in advancement in life on all fronts. For most occasions you can do with dresses bought off the rack. Even though these dresses may not have all the elements to your choice and taste, you compromise. Such dresses may not have the perfect fit, may not have the fabric you desire or may have a cut and style that is somewhat dated. You wear it in the hope no one notices or bothers. However, it is not always so. People can be extremely critical, especially at gatherings and interviews.

The situation becomes bad, especially for those who do not have a standard physique around which most readymade dresses are designed and manufactured. If a person is too short, rather large, too tall or too thin, it will be difficult to find a dress that fits perfectly. A couple of years ago the only solution would have been to visit a tailor and get a dress manually stitched.

Today, there are online apparel websites that have sophisticated computerized technology that permits them to offer services of custom dress made to fit you, each individual aspect tailored according to your wishes. They will make custom shirts, mens dress shirts, custom design custom shirt and mens custom shirts or dress shirts and trousers that will be a perfect fit and give you a smart look, no matter what type of physique you have. Such online websites have proved a godsend for such people.

They are not the only ones to benefit by such customization. Even people who can find dresses to fit them usually benefit more by going in for online tailor made shirts. By using their services, a man can choose all aspects of his shirt and his trousers to present a harmonized and smart, impressive, stylish look. Since you have options on the choice of fabric and all style related aspects, the dress you have made for you will fit your physique and personality for a coherent look.

If you have not considered it so far, it is time to go in for dresses made to order. You will notice the difference not only in the comfort and fit but also in the impression you make. It gives you an unmistakably exclusive look that people will admire and envy at the same time.

Such dresses come at a price. It takes time to stitch the dress to fit your measurements and a lot of labor is involved. Computerized software does make it easy to some extent but still there is an additional cost. However, given the unique look you acquire and the increased confidence levels such dresses bestow, you would hardly grudge the price increase. Simply contact a suitable online apparel custom dress shirts vendor who offers this service.

Friday, 19 August 2011

How to Get a Mens Dress Shirts

When a men suits up he wants to look best and for this best look he never hesitate to buy custom made shirt of his budget. Sometime during very special occasion he could go beyond the budget also to get the best fitted shirt. If you are one of those guys searching for the low cost custom shirts then there are several factors to look for before buying.

The thing which you have to consider is whether you want to go for contemporary or classical look. Your look will depend upon the kind of event in which you are about to appear like if you are attending, wedding, formal meeting of office or a family get together at home or outside. The choice of look and color will shape your personality accordingly.

Once you made your mind for the kind of dress you want to have, it‘s now time to buy them. You can buy them online or from your local store. Buying from store means there will be no extra shipping charge you have to pay and can argue with the store manager until you get the satisfying dress. The advantage with online shipping is that they are available at lower cost and has large verities to choose from. Also the offer of heavy discount and option of getting dress sitting at home makes online shopping more suggestive.

Before buying any dress plan early to save money for the right shirt and start early to search online stores and local stores to get the right shirt at best price. Have a good look at the dress you want to buy. Check it for size, color, fabric and measurement so that if you find any fault in desired shirt you can rectify it by exchanging or by some remedial action. If you are purchasing from online shop then carefully read the return and exchange and policy.

Shirts are also available on rent. You could take them on rent and best place to start is wedding dresses shop. The kind of shirts provided by them is not very different from that we use in other events. Taking a dress on rent is good idea if you do not wish it for any other occasion or want to have luxurious stylish dress for a particular event because these uber cool dresses are too expensive to buy.

You can also borrow the shirt from a family member or friend if the measurement of concern person is as that of you and the shirt is in good condition. The whole idea means getting a good shirt at no cost for special moment.Shirts available in the last session of stores are relatively available at lower price and sometime discount on them makes it the best to buy the shirt.

If you have the craze for custom made shirts, we recommend you to visit our custom-dressing.com for more information on custom shirts, dress shirts and cotton shirts.

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Why and How to select Custom Made Shirts

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For men custom made shirt give various options and flexibility to get the look of their choice and style. A great way for expressing oneself confidently Tailor made shirt create such an impact which no other dresses can do. Readymade shirts also look good but when it comes to fitting they often create problem and the reason for this is they are made of standard predefine measurements but these predefine measurement are not applicable to all because everyone have unique body type. The best way to keep this problem at bay is custom made shirts.

Readymade clothing are good for the persons who do not see the frequent change in the physique even some of these guys go through minor difference in the fitting of readymade shirt. For the guys who see the rapid change in their body type it is unlikely to get the ready to wear shirt of proper fit. If you go through the alteration process then there will be shift of budget balance. It means you will pay way above your budget for a single shirt.

Tailor made shirt provide you the control of measurement and features that you want to acquire. By giving the descriptions like measurement, the type of color, cuff, sleeves, whether you want pocket or not, color and type of fabric you will get the customize shirt that you want to wear. You can get an expensive design at a very affordable rate. At last you will get a dress shirt of your choice but while opting for custom made shirt take care of few points.

• For a proper fit of dress shirt it is important to give atleast nine measurements. So do not fall pray for some custom shirt makers who do the big promises but fail to return the same. Such makers behave like they have some magic trick and only the demand for your height, weight and a few other descriptions that result in poorer fit.

• Fabric is important element of custom made shirt when it comes to durability but design and fit is becomes more crucial if you talk about the overall look of shirt. When a person buys a shirt, first thing what he does is to match the fabric with his look to make sure that if the shirt really looks good on him or not. While buying it may be look like secondary but keep the quality of fabric in mind also.

• To make a shirt with the accuracy that you want, do listen to the tailor’s advice but do not compromise with design and measurement only because they say to do so as it can hamper the look and fitting of bespoke shirt that you have in your mind before entering the shop.

• Customize shirts have wide array of options to make a particular shirt but you have to be creative for this. Even your tailor may fail to give the proper information. For more varieties search on magazines, papers but the searching on website is more convenient one and provide you millions of possibilities.

• Many people have the misconception about Asian manufacturers while fitted shirts made in Asia are far better. Many established brands in market get their dresses that are made in Asian countries like India, china and Thailand.

Whatever the shirt you buy whether it may be readymade or custom made, you should feel comfortable while wearing it. It should not be tight around chest, waist and shoulders and also buttons should be stitched in appropriate distance. Your attire reflects your personality so bear the above mentioned points in mind before purchasing a shirt.

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Make the impression to Dress Shirts

You could be attending a job interview, a business meeting, giving a presentation or a speech. On such occasions, the attention of viewers is focused on you. You can be sure they will be appraising you with a critical eye. It is not just your hairstyle, your grooming, your way of talking and your gestures they consider, it is also the dress you wear that they look at critically, especially your shirt. This could make or mar the impression you create and the result you wish to achieve.

For such occasions, you may think that a dress shirt bought off the shelf will serve the purpose. When you wear it you might observe that there are minor details like the collar or the sleeves that are not “right” but you have no option. Unfortunately, these minor “details” are noticed and mark you as a sloppy dresser. You may have spent a small fortune on designer shirts and still they let you down. Is it worth the price?

Custom shirts were the norm rather than an exception. However, mass produced shirts gained in popularity and ruled the market due to a variety of styles and designs one could buy from a rack or order online. At the same time, increased labor costs saw the demise of personalized stitching services. Now, however, there is a resurgence of interest and preference for tailor made shirts because men realize the importance of a perfect fit in the shirts they wear. The sleeves, the placket, the cuffs and the collars are points people look at critically. You cannot get customized options in ready-made shirts concerning these points.

The trend these days, offered by many online garment specialists, is to let you choose men’s custom shirts and dress shirts with each individual point tailored to suit your personality and give you a smart, confident look. When you go in for such custom design custom shirt you can choose the fabric, the colours, pattern, the cut, collar type and size, placket type, sleeve length and each individual point of attention in a shirt meant to fit comfortably and impress.

These online stores have online tools that help you design your shirt to your specs and style sitting right in the comfort of your home. You may have to wait a couple of weeks for them to stitch and deliver but you can be sure you will get a perfect shirt. It also saves you the bother of visiting brick and mortar stores and rummaging through shirts to find the one you like. It may cost more but then you get more value for the money invested in terms of an impressive custom dress.

Given the options available and the value for money, would you choose a standard, off the shelf shirt or opt for a shirt tailor made for you, a shirt that impresses and gets results?

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

How to Choose Dress Shirt for Shorter Men

It is difficult for shorter men to find the dress shirt of their size. Most of the departmental stores are filed with the shirts of standard sizes that largely suitable for men with taller heights. Frustration prevails when you buy a shirt full heartedly but when you try it you find shoulders are droopy, sleeves are too long, low pocket that is coming to stomach with droopy corners and length of the shirt goes upto thigh or sometime even lower. The whole scenario gives the baggy look to you. It looks like you are not wearing your own shirt but someone else.

Person with shorter and smaller build or we can say ‘size challenged guys’ can get rid of such humiliating situations if they take care of some points.

• Through custom shirt try to create illusion of increased height and decreased weight so that you can look taller and should be tighter at armpit. It can be achieved by avoiding ill fitted dress. Athletic or slim fit custom design shirt will be a great help if you are going for readymade shirt.

• Smaller cuff and collar with straight points is accepted as it generates the attention towards the centre and enhance the facial profile. The pocket of customized shirt tends to come at below chest area or at stomach, so it is better to avoid custom design shirt with pocket. Length of the fabric is a problem with the men of shorter height so choose the garment of finer fabric; this will make your shirt to look lower in volume. Bear in mind instead of buying cheap loose shirt it is better to buy expensive one.

• Strip shirts also add some illusion to one’s look. If you are slim and short then opt for pinstripes. For wider and short body thicker strips are preferred. Vertical strips are to create the illusion of taller height. Necklines to have its impact. Broad neckline are suitable to a person with shorter and wider height and narrow neckline for tall and slim person.

• Tailor made shirts or you can term it as ‘made to measure shirts’ or ‘bespoke shirts’ provide the most favorable fit. These shirts are designed by taking your measurements. There is no need to worry about the fitting of the shirt as the firm itself takes the keen interest in providing the shirt to customer with accurate fit.

To get a fitted customized shirt is somewhat a difficult task for shorter men but with the help of above points and little knowledge on impact created by fabric’s color and pattern it is easy to acquire custom shirt of your choice, the shirt which suits you best and provide you perfect finishing look.

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Mens Custom Shirts for Create Your Own Design and Style

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These days, many people are becoming very particular about their dressing style. Creativity and fashion both have high upsurge and demand in the market. This is why there is extensive upsurge in the demand of personalized dresses, as everybody desires to look the best in the entire crowd. Going out for official or personal parties and occasions, nobody wants to avoid style that impresses all. Mens custom shirts are the result of one’s creative and artistic talent as well as wish of looking only the best.

Custom shirts are also desired by men because it releases them from the stress of going to the market and from the pressure of purchasing ready made shirts that are tough to be found in perfect fitting. Many shirt manufacturers are emerging with the alternative of custom shirts, thus it has become simple for the men to restyle their wardrobe precisely in the manner they desire. Right from the selection of materials and designs to size, color and styles, men have whole liberty of designing the shirt just as per their choice.

Wide variety of custom shirts is accessible in the market and online, which is stylish and fashionable. Perfect to be worn in each occasion, custom shirt is just perfect piece of clothing that signifies one’s style and choice. With the choice of custom shirts, people prefer this kind of shirts as compared to ready-made shirts. Apart from selecting the fabric’s kind and quality, the buyer has also the choice of picking collar cuff, designs, pocket, placket, button and monograms accurately according to their desire. These shirts reveal one’s style, choice and exclusive sense of fashion.

Custom shirts not only please one’s creative wish, but it is also measured as good promotional tool for different businesses. These extremely desired men's custom shirt can be printed with company's name, design and logo to sponsor a particular business and the brand among the ordinary mass. These custom promotional shirts are designed among the potential clients and employees to uphold the company's brand and name. Custom shirts can also be dispersed among the existing customers and business partners to grow an exclusive brand identity and to make goodwill of the company.

To satisfy the huge need of mens custom shirts, several shirts manufacturing companies are providing people with the alternative of customization to assist them design a shirt, which they always wish to keep in their wardrobe. Those who are especially worried and particular about their size, design and look, custom shirts provide the best option. Now, approach to such shirts has become even easier with various online stores.

Formal Custom Shirts for Special Occasion

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The mainstream of population does not pay heed to the composition of formal shirts, but to ignore such things is to give rise to the possibility of fake fashion. People are either seeking fashion or others seeking needs. But if you wish to look smart in a shirt, you need to know its composite parts, and you should transform this information to notify your style. From collar to shirt pockets, it is significant to realize what looks decent, and what does not. Here are many things to consider while selecting a formal shirt. With some careful steps, you can avoid several fashion mistakes.

Let us begin with the collar:

Aside from definite unusual trappings, such as graphic prints or diamante detailing, the collar is that part of the dress shirt, which pulls the maximum attention. Therefore, it is significant to select a shirt with a collar that uniforms you. Collars are of a multiplicity of styles. Primarily, there are sharp or round collars; next, there are short wings long (Elvis) wings.

Rounded collars are casual and thus appear childish; avoid these if you want to look astute. Sharp collars are more proper and formal. They reveal a definite level of grace. While wearing sharp collars is constantly to be sure that the collar remains pressed, straight and rigid. While selecting a sharp collar shirt, it is good to confirm that the collar stays are detachable as they are supposed to be spoiled by washing. Thus custom shirts with fixed stays will look shabby sooner than shirts that let for collar stays to be replaced.

When selecting the length of the collar, go for an extended length if you have a long or heavy jaw, to pull attention away from the chin. If you have a little chin, select a shirt length shirt, as this will look to stretch the chin slightly.

The Placket:

It is the central and chief section of the formal dress shirt, along which you will get the buttons. There are several varieties and styles of placket according to the manufacturers. Always keep in mind that with a man's dress shirts, the buttons are supposed to be located on the left side.

Overall, it is better to have a placket that exposes the buttons, in spite of having that spare strip of cloth that hides the buttons. This provides the shirt an extra flair that would be absent in case the buttons are concealed. If requirement be the same, buttons can always be hidden by using a tie.

Bottom Cut:

This is basically the cut of the formal custom design shirt round the bottom. This area will usually disclose whether the custom shirt has a proper fitting or not. If the shirt is proper in fitting, then it must come in marginally from the sides and the cut nicely below the buttocks in a curved shape.

With, these careful steps, you can choose the best formal dress shirts & custom shirts as per your shape and size.

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Online Shopping Store of Mens Custom Shirts

Experiment is a way to be a fashionable person around and the fashion industry is too agreed on this concept. To look trendier, men and women are ready to break traditional rules. They are always in experimenting mood with their wardrobes to look awesome and unique. After all who don’t want to look good? Looking good gives the better feeling which remains throughout the day. This rule is also applied on shirts too. Apart from branded one people’s acceptance for custom made shirts are increasing. Customize shirts are the perfect blend of style, comfort and almost wearable at every occasion. Although online stores have vast collection of custom designed shirts yet you will have to consider a few things before buying.

• Pricing on any item is an important factor to choose. Now the bespoke or we can say tailor made shirts are within the reach of commoner. You can choose the design, fabric, color, collar, cuffs of shirt within your budget. You can get the improved individuality and better fit at a reasonable rate.

• Customization of custom shirts are started to give wearer an exclusive fit. You can design your own shirt considering the comfort level. What you have to do is to choose the size and design which suits you best. Now without making a big hole in your pocket, you can get a shirt that sets you apart.

• A good online store has verities in custom made shirts to choose and this variation should reflect in each and every category. Do not settle for the single option in a category because the more will be the number of option, better will be the choice. In context of customization of shirt it means the more you will have options to choose design, fabric, color, sleeves, cuffs, buttons etc. the better will be your shirt.

• Many online stores provide hints and guidelines to select the various fields to make an outfit, you desired. These easy to use portals help you to fill the require field step by step. The best part is that you will get what you want. You do not need to be an expert; the photos of designs and different content of shirt like color, cuff, fabric etc. will guide you to make a dress shirt.

• Unlike branded and readymade shirts, the beauty of dress shirt is that they suits for every body type. How slim or obese you are you will get the fitted shirt of your kind. Depending on your body type you can select the slim fit, regular fit or loose fit. You will get the variations, you select.

Earlier getting a made to order shirt was a much difficult task but now the websites on custom shirts has made easier to acquire. It is no more a tiring process; you do not need to step out of your home/comfort zone anymore. At a reasonable rate and excellent delivery service you will have a tailor made shirt of your choice.

Shirts, the most loved dress by men are the part of dressing even before medieval history and still going strong. Only people prospective have changed for it over the years. We in Custom-Dressing.Com are trying to bring the nuance of both eras “modern outlook and elegancy” in customize dress shirts.

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Various Sorts of Men's Dress Shirts

Shopping can be an enjoyment as well as exertion in certain situations. There are various options and varieties when it’s about selecting a dress shirt. A men's dress shirt is normally a collar shirt with front opening of full-length from the collar to the hem and has cuff sleeves also. The front opening of the shirt is attached with buttons or studs and the cuffs are fastened using buttons or colored cuff links.

It is usually used as men's formal wear complemented with a tie and jacket, but the dress shirts as well fit more informally without it. Custom design shirts also known as button down shirts, apparently because the visible buttons go down with the length of the shirt.

A shirt is generally prepared from woven cloth. The materials used in previously for manufacturing cotton shirts were natural threads comprising cotton, linen, silk, ramie or wool. Today, artificial fibers are frequently used in preparing custom dress and it comprises polyester or polyester mixtures, which are economical. Custom shirt prepared of linen makes a casual fabric shirt that crinkles greatly. Cotton cloths are the normal fabric used in preparing formal shirts. Mens Dress Custom clothe made of silk fabric is meant for occasional wear, even though the material is considered to have a seeming luster and warm to wear.

Yarns manufactured from these fiber stuffs are knitted into several weaves comprising twill, broadcloth, Oxford and poplin weaves. Plain Oxford or Pinpoint Oxford weaves are more appropriate as informal cloths while royal Oxford weaves can be used for both sporty and formal shirts.

The color, style and pattern are also important in men's custom dress. Initially, white shirts were in trend. Gradually, other colors comprising blue and lighter colors like Wedgwood became popular. Currently, numerous ranges of colors from shiny colors to duskier shades are in trend for men's dress shirt.

Tailor made clothes are also accessible in several patterns and styles. For example, men's country shirts are typically checked style with light background. City shirts are generally basic in design or with lined designs. Plain shirts are multipurpose as you can match it with any tie (single color or patterned). Normally, men's customize shirts with horizontal striped design are more appropriate for formal wear for men than vertical striped design shirts. Herringbone designed dress shirts can be worn on both formal and casual occasions.

Further, few colors in men's fancy dress are appropriate to wear merely during seasonal or occasional times. There are colors and patterns in men's shirt that may be selected merely for artistic reasons, since fashionable clothing has a huge influence in the society. In all, there is huge variety and designs in men’s fashion cloth. You can choose according to your preference and choice.

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Tailor Made Dress Shirts

When you look at a guy wearing good fitted dress shirts that has style and comfort, you may wonder from where he has got it and envy it but it is hard to get dress shirts that complement your features. Many websites give you the option of selecting from custom shirts but after buying them the chances are very rare that you will satisfy with the appearance and fitting of dress shirts. There is another way; you can opt for tailor made shirts as you get the opportunity to design your own shirt.

Take this case you liked a dress shirt but it has pocket, collar or other thing that you really don’t want. What to do? Nothing, you can do nothing or you can go for tailor made shirts but be cautious before opting for tailor made shirts. Whatever the options you are selecting whether it is collar, pocket or cuff the final product should complement your features and also fits your sense of style.

Steps to get a tailor made shirt

Fabric: The quality of fabric should be good enough to persist. At this stage you can choose for color and texture of fabric. From the varieties in designs you can opt for strip, check or plane shirts. High quality cotton shirt is another best available option but they get wrinkle easily. It is up to you to select from traditional cotton shirt or wrinkle resistant shirt.

Collar: collars generally speak the mood and attitude of wearer and peek from suits, tuxedos or jackets. They has to be well made as too big or too small collar can make you feel odd so, for a perfect fit there should be an option of preview.

Cuff: if you are finding it difficult to decide the style of cuff then you can take the help of photos.

Pocket: if you are ok with the idea of pocket then you can select from options.

Measurement: provide your accurate measurement for a best fitted dress shirt.

After getting a tailor made shirt their care is also important to make it long lasting. Newly bought shirt has traces of chemical, to remove the traces of chemicals wash it before wearing and wash it with hands. If you have washing machine then use lukewarm water. Instead of dry cleaning give it to the laundry because dry cleaning can make it to turn yellow. Ironing of dress shirt is another important factor to look sober and elegant. Mens dress shirts with wrinkled fabric and twisted collars and cuffs are not acceptable in formal world but be careful while ironing as it can damage the fabric.

If you are about to buy a tailor made dress shirt from an online store, made sure that you have given your accurate measurement. A well fitted dress will not only enhance your personality but also add much needed attitude to your style.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tips for Getting the Appropriate Tailored Made Shirts

By Aditya Agarwal

If you are more fascinated towards tailor made shirts, then its benefits will be obtainable simply when you have confirmed few steps towards selecting the appropriate shirt that fits you body and come with a pleasant design of your preference.

First of all, be assured that the shirt has a style and color of your choice. Pay special care to your personality and choice. If you are a traditional kind of a person and wish to certify some customary approach, or you are destined to track some exact office dress code, then it would be better to select white and light blue color. Such shirts generally do not have patterns or strips and have a usual collar. On the other hand, if you are a stylish personality, then shiny colors and broad collars will make more sense. Such tailor made shirts are normally the primary choice of the young people. Be certain that you have confirmed all the quality factors as well.

When quality factors are the main concern, there are few footsteps to be trailed. First of all, pay attention to the ply count of the shirt. If you are searching for a custom fitting shirt, then confirm that it has two ply counts and this description is there on the tag. The dress shirts with smaller quality generally have one ply count. The label typically does not state this information. Also keep in mind that usually the two ply counts of custom shirts have a durable fabric that lasts longer. Such shirt is also wrinkle-free and more comfy to wear.

You must also pay attention to the seams while purchasing cotton shirts. Shirts of superior quality have only one stitching and it is noticeable as this line goes down the side of the shirt. Though, most of the dress shirts have two stitching lines. You must also notice the stitching on the buttons also. The buttons of superior quality shirt are seamed on the cross-locked stitch.

When choosing the tailor custom design shirts, confirm that it fits fine on your body for supreme comfort. Observe the collar, wrists and arms to obtain a shirt of your fitting. After you get the shirt for trial; wear the shirt and place two fingers between the collar and your neck to check the fitting. Sometimes, the shirts shrink after washing; it is recommended to purchase a shirt that has a bigger collar as it will shrink afterwards.

The sleeves of the shirt should also be lengthy so that they provide more relief especially when you stretch your arms fully. The cuffs must also be fitted around your wrists so as they don’t slip down your wrists.

Keep these some tips in mind while purchasing custom shirts for supreme comfort and for your choice of style and color get also more information to http://www.custom-dressing.com

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Tailor Made Clothes Wear With Your Attitude

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your fashion, buy Custom Shirts, made from the finest fabric available in the market. We offer you a Custom shirt at the most affordable price and you will simply love wearing your desired piece of shirt. With years of ripening experience in shirt designing & tailoring, Custom-Dressing.com has carved a niche for itself in the realm of tailoring and designing. It helps you wear your attitude, flash your passion in public.

If you are looking for the best Dress Shirts, the most attractive Dress Shirt or the most stylish Cotton custom shirt, you are at the right place. Get your choicest Tailor Made Clothes from one and only custom dressing. This tailor-made website gives you an insight into the world of fashion, the latest styles that are in vogue. Styles worn by the most popular stars are being woven here and you can't resist the temptation to flaunt your best drapery in public.

A fitting reflection of your personality, these Tailor Made Clothes tell a lot about you, your fashion statement and your tastes. It has over the years let people create their own shirt designs and measurement profiles to give them the best they want to wear.

In a short span of time, it has combined in a most stylish manner innovation, creativity and technology in its products. A Cotton custom shirt from the Custom-Dressing.com is what you desire to wear in any occasion, be it a party or an executive meeting with your clients. While designing the dresses for the customers, it is always kept in mind how the shirts will look for them. Each shirt is custom-made from the word go and the entire process involves a rigorous quality control check so that these shirts meet the expectations of the customers.

The most attractive aspect here is that you can pick up the best from a selection of millions of dresses. If you are impress your beau, if you want to shine in the interview wear the shirt that suits you the most and you will be getting your desired piece here. We can rightly say that a man's personality is flashed in the dress he wears. So wear your fashion with the finest dresses from Custom-Dressing.com. You are unique. Likewise, your dress should also be unique. And Custom-Dressing.com is here to tailor the dress as per your choice. Each feature of the dress will be as per your suggestion so that you can get a dress that matches your unique personality. None but you will be wearing the dress of your choice.

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Custom-Dressing has collection as per your wearing choice and increases your attitude to tailor made clothes, dress shirt and custom shirts.

Custom Dressing and its Growing Impact on People

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We all are well aware with the fact that how it is important to look presentable and decent in professional and personal life as well. These days, one's professionalism not only defines by the kind of work but also by attire he or she wears. In work place, professional appearance and attitude both plays an important role in shaping someone's image. Custom shirts are designed to meet the growing demand for formal wears in cooperate world as well as in personal life.

Dress Shirts especially in white color, fitted or loose are the most versatile clothing piece for a man. They can be paired up with jeans, jackets, suits and pants. The choice of pair depends upon how formal you want to look. There are wide varieties of stylish dress shirts that you can explore. In the age of consumerization, the choice of color and texture of stuff is large and you can find different colors with same texture. Different style of designs and embroidery make them more attractive and eye catchy.

Designers are too facing tough challenges to keep the pace with growing demand of industry and such competition has made them more creative, that ultimately results in some very nice and elegant piece of custom shirts. To refrain from compromising with the quality of fabrics some manufacturers use both, local and imported fabrics to make exclusive and exciting range of customs shirt. One can look at the range of cuffs, collars, buttonholes, fabrics for desired shirts.

In special and memorable occasions everyone wants to look different from others and custom shirts are great rescuer in such time. Apart from giving handsome and dashing look to anyone, they also add a touch of elegance in overall appearance as a finishing touch. It looks like with custom dressings such as cotton shirts, sincerity and gentleness comes in hand which is much noted in parties and formal meetings. Custom shirt is the best way to express someone's individuality and symbolized to dignity, this is the reason why people are not only wearing but cherishing them also.

Image plays a great part in cooperate world. Anyone who is related to this world knows how it is important to dress well especially in marketing field where one has to meet extensively with agents and sometime with customers also, that is why there appearance and attitude can be goodwill for a company. A custom shirt has become a new fashion statement and people preferred to choose them as collection to their wardrobe. Fashion industry too has welcomed this change warm heatedly.

If you are desired to own custom shirts then there is dearth of options, many websites offers such service at a very affordable price with quality of dress shirts.

Why Custom Shirts Are so Popular Among People

In overall appearance of anyone, the way of dressing creates a big difference. Personality of a person is judge by the way he or she dressed. Dress shirt has become a fashion rave across the globe and is warm heartedly accepted not only by fashionista but also by conservative people and the simple reason for this change is that the dress shirt provides decent and elegant look which is greatly admired in civilized world.

Dress shirts are like bridge among the people who are completely consumed by fashion accessories and those who wants to be simple with their attire. Custom shirts make you to look different from others and make them to envy you. They are known to make new style statement, the way they complement personality of a person no other dress can do. Unlike other dresses, these shirts suit perfectly to everyone.

If you are an attention seeker then dress shirt is must for you. This is the dress which has capability to give you the hot and happening look and at the same time it will have the essence of earthiness and authenticity. Who don't want to look dashing and attractive, everyone desired to be smart and handsome and dress shirts are the best available option for men. They can be easily paired up with jeans, jackets and trousers.

The custom shirts are silk screened or embroidered. They come with the designs of either check or strip even some of them have the imprints of hologram which make them more appealing. Acceptance of these shirts as a formal wear all over the world shows that they are hugely popular especially in co-operate world and demand for it is ever increasing. This may be because they can easily express their views and ideas with greater impact or just to look unique and different from others or for both.

People often get confused while choosing for custom shirts but that has to be not an issue as these days many websites are available who sell custom dresses of unmatched quality at affordable rates. Manufacturers and suppliers sell these shirts online in order to glorify the medieval era. To pick up a shirt, you can compare the designs and quality of fabric with the price. To get the desired shirt of your choice, you only have to follow the simple step of online stores.

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Gain Special Look with Custom Design Shirts

Custom shirt is a supreme wear for both men and women who are extremely trendy. If you are style conscious who like to display a different and exclusive look, then dress shirt is the right choice. To have a distinctive look among your friend circle, it is essential to dress yourself with tailor made clothes, which are evidence of creative and fresh talent. From the field of fashion to technology, grand revolutions have occurred, so we are not amazed anymore as transformations are essential to come in each and every area. In the field of fashion, the main concern is the exclusive and attractive pieces that are normally costly and overstated in price. But with the custom shirts accessible in the market, one can be assured of trendy cotton custom shirt at very affordable cost.

When it comes to dress shirt, which is usually a collar shirt with front full-length opening and the collar up to the edge and has cuff sleeves, it is best to go for customized shirts. Dress shirts are usually men's formal wear worn with a tie and jacket but without jacket it can be worn as a casual wear. Custom shirts can be designed just in the manner in which you want, thereby tend to be more comfy and reasonable. Consumers have entire control on the making and designing of shirts.

From the size, color, style to material and design, consumers can personalize as per their preference and size. There is no boundary to one’s creativity and persons with artistic mind can simply design many custom shirts to change their attire totally without paying too much. These innovative and fresh designed shirts reveal exclusive sense of fashion, style and creativity. You also acquire the alternative of selecting the design of cuff, collar, pleat, monogram, buttons and pocket while designing the shirts.

The demand of customized dress shirts have been on great rise due to the alternative of selecting each and every facet of shirt designing. Furthermore, people have as well become pretty conscious about their look and dress sense and try to achieve excellence in their dress style. All such demands have added in the extreme demand of cotton custom shirts and tailor made clothes that have now become the most desired dress of everyone. This customized designing option can be found online now with many garment manufacturing companies appearing with a special designing tool. This tool let you to design the shirt of your choice. These custom shirts are perfect to be worn on both formal and casual occasion.

Find and wear as per your requirement of custom shirts, tailor made clothes, custom design shirt & dress shirts collection for male & female at exclusive prices.

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factors affecting the look of dress shirts

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Men's Dress Shirt

Dress Shirts, the most favored dress of 21th century by both sexes has gone through a great change over a past century. A garment which is considered as inner wear has come in front and took a prominent place in men’s clothing. They are worn on every walk of life whether you are going to office, attending meetings or parties, hanging out with friends or just relaxing at home.

Most of the people got attracted to appearance of shirts before buying them and give least importance to material and texture of fabric only to find that combination of design, size and look of garment do not complement their features. This often happens with fashion crazy people. Each and everything about a shirt such as collar, cuff, packet, back and front of shirt, placket holds and even monograms holds specific place and whether these accessories should be in shirt or not depends the what kind of occasion a wearer attending. If you are looking forward for office meetings and formal parties then custom shirts with a turned down point collar, French cuff and without breast pocket will suits perfectly as formal wear but if you want to be in more relaxed side or just dressing for an another day in office then a custom shirt with button down collars, plain cuffs, left breast pocket and single button cuffs are enough.

The color of the your shirt can make you feel awkward or outstanding among many others which also depends on your body type and features like the color of your eyes, hair and complexion and also on the background of condition in which you are. Person who is in fashion circle or knows anything about it, do consider the above factors before buying a custom shirt.

While purchasing a custom shirt or a cotton shirt people often get confused about the size, it really hurts badly if you like everything about a shirt but cannot buy them because of its ill fit. With different fittings you will face different dressing experience. A slim fit shirt will be very tight and uncomfortable while a normal fit shirt will be far more relaxing, comfortable and perfect for occasions and loose fit shirts looks baggy, it allows free movements and more airs.

Lastly ironing of dress shirt is must for elegant and sober look at work place. Custom dress shirts with wrinkled front and back, twisted colors and cuffs are against the formal mannerism. In a world which is driven by constant interaction and presentations it is important to look good for a great impression. Most of the men find it hard to get the dress shirt of their size as measurement of size changes from stores to stores; custom dressing is the simple and effective solution for it.

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Custom shirts Shaping Your Personality

Everyone desired to have their own style statement, a unique collection of things which they want; be it shoes, clothes, deodorants or even aftershaves, so why not to add some custom shirts in your collection which suit your personality. Through your choice of shirts you can show your style statement to the world. The choice of fabric, print, color, fit and style will tell what you are from inside.

Shirts were the part of men’s inner wear and wearing nothing over it was considered improper until 20th century but with passage of time people’s mindset also changed, from inner wear it came in front and today they are in high demand and appreciated by the people all over the world because in case of other clothing they may or may not be suitable for someone’s body type but with appropriate choice of color and fabric custom dress shirts go well with everyone’s personality.

The huge collection wardrobes are incomplete without custom shirts. They have become a part of everyone’s personal and professional life. Some people consider them as formal wear only but they can be worn as casuals. They are not only meant to paired up with tuxedos or dark suits for cooperate meetings but also can be wore on family get-togethers or while hanging out with friends.

If you are attending an official meeting then white custom dress shirt will be perfect as it has all the quality require to look formal and at the same time handsome also. You can pair up it with tuxedo along with French cuff though they are not necessary. A sense of well dressed, boot the confidence level and you can express your views and ideas with greater impact. White dress shirts are more favorable but it doesn’t mean that colored custom dress shirts leg behind, they can be worn as casual or formal wear even cooperate houses are allowing its employees to wear colored custom shirt without tie. Sleeveless and half sleeve custom shirts are also making its mark in fashion world.

While choosing for dress shirts do give importance to its material first then go on to patterns and designs like check, striped or plain. After that collar, pockets and cuffs are other areas you can explore. The online selling of custom dress shirts was started to make shirts more popular and to glorify the medieval era by manufacturers and suppliers to increase the sale. Now many websites offer custom made shirts within your budget. To make your favorite dress shirt yours, all you have to do is to follow the simple steps for placing an order.

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