Thursday, 18 August 2011

Why and How to select Custom Made Shirts

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For men custom made shirt give various options and flexibility to get the look of their choice and style. A great way for expressing oneself confidently Tailor made shirt create such an impact which no other dresses can do. Readymade shirts also look good but when it comes to fitting they often create problem and the reason for this is they are made of standard predefine measurements but these predefine measurement are not applicable to all because everyone have unique body type. The best way to keep this problem at bay is custom made shirts.

Readymade clothing are good for the persons who do not see the frequent change in the physique even some of these guys go through minor difference in the fitting of readymade shirt. For the guys who see the rapid change in their body type it is unlikely to get the ready to wear shirt of proper fit. If you go through the alteration process then there will be shift of budget balance. It means you will pay way above your budget for a single shirt.

Tailor made shirt provide you the control of measurement and features that you want to acquire. By giving the descriptions like measurement, the type of color, cuff, sleeves, whether you want pocket or not, color and type of fabric you will get the customize shirt that you want to wear. You can get an expensive design at a very affordable rate. At last you will get a dress shirt of your choice but while opting for custom made shirt take care of few points.

• For a proper fit of dress shirt it is important to give atleast nine measurements. So do not fall pray for some custom shirt makers who do the big promises but fail to return the same. Such makers behave like they have some magic trick and only the demand for your height, weight and a few other descriptions that result in poorer fit.

• Fabric is important element of custom made shirt when it comes to durability but design and fit is becomes more crucial if you talk about the overall look of shirt. When a person buys a shirt, first thing what he does is to match the fabric with his look to make sure that if the shirt really looks good on him or not. While buying it may be look like secondary but keep the quality of fabric in mind also.

• To make a shirt with the accuracy that you want, do listen to the tailor’s advice but do not compromise with design and measurement only because they say to do so as it can hamper the look and fitting of bespoke shirt that you have in your mind before entering the shop.

• Customize shirts have wide array of options to make a particular shirt but you have to be creative for this. Even your tailor may fail to give the proper information. For more varieties search on magazines, papers but the searching on website is more convenient one and provide you millions of possibilities.

• Many people have the misconception about Asian manufacturers while fitted shirts made in Asia are far better. Many established brands in market get their dresses that are made in Asian countries like India, china and Thailand.

Whatever the shirt you buy whether it may be readymade or custom made, you should feel comfortable while wearing it. It should not be tight around chest, waist and shoulders and also buttons should be stitched in appropriate distance. Your attire reflects your personality so bear the above mentioned points in mind before purchasing a shirt.