Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Make the impression to Dress Shirts

You could be attending a job interview, a business meeting, giving a presentation or a speech. On such occasions, the attention of viewers is focused on you. You can be sure they will be appraising you with a critical eye. It is not just your hairstyle, your grooming, your way of talking and your gestures they consider, it is also the dress you wear that they look at critically, especially your shirt. This could make or mar the impression you create and the result you wish to achieve.

For such occasions, you may think that a dress shirt bought off the shelf will serve the purpose. When you wear it you might observe that there are minor details like the collar or the sleeves that are not “right” but you have no option. Unfortunately, these minor “details” are noticed and mark you as a sloppy dresser. You may have spent a small fortune on designer shirts and still they let you down. Is it worth the price?

Custom shirts were the norm rather than an exception. However, mass produced shirts gained in popularity and ruled the market due to a variety of styles and designs one could buy from a rack or order online. At the same time, increased labor costs saw the demise of personalized stitching services. Now, however, there is a resurgence of interest and preference for tailor made shirts because men realize the importance of a perfect fit in the shirts they wear. The sleeves, the placket, the cuffs and the collars are points people look at critically. You cannot get customized options in ready-made shirts concerning these points.

The trend these days, offered by many online garment specialists, is to let you choose men’s custom shirts and dress shirts with each individual point tailored to suit your personality and give you a smart, confident look. When you go in for such custom design custom shirt you can choose the fabric, the colours, pattern, the cut, collar type and size, placket type, sleeve length and each individual point of attention in a shirt meant to fit comfortably and impress.

These online stores have online tools that help you design your shirt to your specs and style sitting right in the comfort of your home. You may have to wait a couple of weeks for them to stitch and deliver but you can be sure you will get a perfect shirt. It also saves you the bother of visiting brick and mortar stores and rummaging through shirts to find the one you like. It may cost more but then you get more value for the money invested in terms of an impressive custom dress.

Given the options available and the value for money, would you choose a standard, off the shelf shirt or opt for a shirt tailor made for you, a shirt that impresses and gets results?

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