Thursday, 4 August 2011

How to Choose Dress Shirt for Shorter Men

It is difficult for shorter men to find the dress shirt of their size. Most of the departmental stores are filed with the shirts of standard sizes that largely suitable for men with taller heights. Frustration prevails when you buy a shirt full heartedly but when you try it you find shoulders are droopy, sleeves are too long, low pocket that is coming to stomach with droopy corners and length of the shirt goes upto thigh or sometime even lower. The whole scenario gives the baggy look to you. It looks like you are not wearing your own shirt but someone else.

Person with shorter and smaller build or we can say ‘size challenged guys’ can get rid of such humiliating situations if they take care of some points.

• Through custom shirt try to create illusion of increased height and decreased weight so that you can look taller and should be tighter at armpit. It can be achieved by avoiding ill fitted dress. Athletic or slim fit custom design shirt will be a great help if you are going for readymade shirt.

• Smaller cuff and collar with straight points is accepted as it generates the attention towards the centre and enhance the facial profile. The pocket of customized shirt tends to come at below chest area or at stomach, so it is better to avoid custom design shirt with pocket. Length of the fabric is a problem with the men of shorter height so choose the garment of finer fabric; this will make your shirt to look lower in volume. Bear in mind instead of buying cheap loose shirt it is better to buy expensive one.

• Strip shirts also add some illusion to one’s look. If you are slim and short then opt for pinstripes. For wider and short body thicker strips are preferred. Vertical strips are to create the illusion of taller height. Necklines to have its impact. Broad neckline are suitable to a person with shorter and wider height and narrow neckline for tall and slim person.

• Tailor made shirts or you can term it as ‘made to measure shirts’ or ‘bespoke shirts’ provide the most favorable fit. These shirts are designed by taking your measurements. There is no need to worry about the fitting of the shirt as the firm itself takes the keen interest in providing the shirt to customer with accurate fit.

To get a fitted customized shirt is somewhat a difficult task for shorter men but with the help of above points and little knowledge on impact created by fabric’s color and pattern it is easy to acquire custom shirt of your choice, the shirt which suits you best and provide you perfect finishing look.

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